CRM in Urban Areas

Workshop on Climate Risk Management in Urban Areas through Preparedness and Mitigation

To ensure that knowledge gained in each city regarding Climate Risk Management is exchanged in a timely manner between the cities, the GoI-UNDP-USAID project on CRM in Thiruvananthapuram City decided to conduct a workshop on CRM in Urban Areas on 3rd September 2014.

Objectives of Climate Risk Management in Urban areas workshop:
•To achieve better and deeper understanding of the Urban Risk in the context of Disaster and Climate change
•Sharing  the approach for Climate Risk Management
•Develop a better understanding of the need for higher investment by urban bodies for climate risk management;
•Establish a platform in the state that can facilitate collective action for decision makers, partners, experts and practitioners to announce initiatives, launch products, share information, promote campaigns, and provide evidence around climate risk management for urban resilience

Participants: Representatives of the Disaster Management and Urban Development Department, City officers from various Municipalities across the respective state, NGOs and academic faculty

Report of the workshop is attached herewith as PDF