Lessons From Uttarakhand

Lessons From Uttarakhand

Report of the National Consultative Workshop

12 September 2013, ILDM

Organised By: Institute of Land & Disaster Management, National Disaster Management Authority & Kerala State Disaster Management Authority

Orissa Super Cyclone (1999), Mumbai Foods (2005), Uttarakhand (2013) and other disasters waiting to happen, all serve to remind us the  need to  honour the fragile equilibrium between man and the nature. Kerala, with its fragile mountains, sensitive coastlines, devastating landslides, drying rivers, unprecedented fluctuations in the rainfall, severe drought looming large over many parts , is slowly edging towards a precarious situation. The workshop offers a chance to review the threats from potential hazards, status of preparedness and response mechanisms to ensure, risk-free, sustainable development.


Joint Organising Secretary

Dr. Sekhar L. Kuriakose, Member, Kerala State Disaster Management Authority & Head (Scientist), HVRA Cell, ILDM. Mob: +91-9400202927. Tel/Fax: 0471-2364424


Mr. Faisel T Illiyas, Assistant Professor, Disaster Management Centre, ILDM. Mob: +91-9447203981

Mr. Amal Raj, Assistant Professor, Disaster Management Centre, ILDM. Mob: +91-9847984527


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